What is Reality?

Sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touches. They are all fair game. Every night I go to sleep to relive some twisted reality. I’m awoken because I have a hard time differentiating reality from my dreams. They are vivid. I can feel them. I can hear the noises. I can smell the scents. I can taste the food. My heartbeat increases when I’m excited and it skips a beat when something terrible happens. I awake with confusion. Unsure of which realm I am in. I stumble around the house to make my way to the bathroom and sit at the kitchen table. It was so real. How could something so real be a dream? Some of these dreams I want to quickly go back to sleep and retreat to. Some of them I can’t wait to escape.

I’m not sure what’s causing these dreams, but I know it seriously impacting my sleep and my mind. It may be a side effect of a med I’m on or it may be something I consume before bed. Maybe some kind of stimuli in the room. I have never had dreams so vivid, so real. It’s like my brain goes into a super creative mode when I’m sleeping. If I could remember all of these dreams and write them down, it would probably make a great novel or at least a good short story. They are dreams of an alternative life. Dreams of a life I might want or nightmares of what my life might become. So vivid.

Maybe I will try to start a dream journal to capture some of these twisted realities. Maybe try to interrupt them in some way. My subconscious is playing some serious tricks on me.

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