Tiffany the Terrible

I’m a terrible blogger. It has been 28 days since I posted. That’s why I am here. I’m starting my New Year’s Resolution early. I am to write everyday. That doesn’t mean I will necessarily post a blog everyday, but at least write one. Writing is something I do not want to lose. It is the way I can fully express myself. It’s the one art form I am capable of. It makes me feel good even when it’s about something that isn’t. I found a recent pin on Pinterest that is 30 self-discovery questions and it will be my goal to answer one of those everyday for the next 30 days.

This will not only give me something to write about, it will help me. I will be able to guide myself to the next step in my life journey. Disability will not be my end. If anything, it is a completely new beginning. Maybe I’ll figure out something new or maybe I’ll seek out an old dream. Regardless, the journey of life is never-ending and nothing will stand in my way. My purpose, my passions, and my talents ready to be tapped into and I’m ready to rediscover myself all over again.

Life has been eventful. That is the nicest way I can think of putting it. In reality, life has sucked pretty hardcore the last few months, but I know there are only good things in store for myself and my family. It might take some manipulation, but I know we are not only going to make it, but we are going to come out stronger than we ever have been. It is our turn for some happiness and I will make it happen anyway I can. I’m ready for the journey because that’s the fun part.