Thanks Again, Bipolar Disorder

Well, I’m back I think. Headaches are gone. I developed some crazy seizures and they are gone now too. A little increase in medication and everything seems to have fallen into place and it has dawned on me that everything can be traced back to Bipolar Disorder. Thanks again for the progression of the illness, it has been a fun few months where I seriously thought I was dying. So much so that at a few points I thought I might as well go ahead and do so. I was tormented by these symptoms. I was physically handicapped and rendered utterly¬†useless. This is exactly why mental illness is nothing to play with. Even when you think it isn’t attacking you mentally, it has a sneaky way of attacking you physically.

I’m feeling much better now. *Knocks on wood* I have been active. I’ve had no seizures, the headaches are gone and I’m fairly content. Mania is trying to show it’s ugly head, but I will put it in its place soon. That’s going to take a little more research and some discussion with my doctor. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be human again after feeling so lifeless for so long. I literally thought I was on my way out. It’s a pretty good feeling to be on the other side of that, but at the same time it feels sort of like “What now?” Back to the plan that once was I suppose. Time to get myself out there and live life like I haven’t been doing in so long.¬† Time to blog more. I’ve missed it. Clarity is definitely something I haven’t had in quite a long time.

So here’s to my continuing improving health. Here’s to the fight against a mental illness that has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. Here’s to all of us that have to fight this every single day and the stigma that goes along with it. I know we can make it. Even on our darkest days. Let’s get back on our journey.

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