I feel accomplished. Yesterday was a really good day. I’m beginning to see that all days could be like this. I guess I should say most days as the day following isn’t such a productive day, I’ve had to step back a little bit. I know every day can’t be bright and sunny, but they can be productive and motivating. Every day I get a little more motivated. Every day I see a little more light at the end of the tunnel and I can slowly see the life I’ve always wanted to lead. Clarity, pure clarity is starting to surface and it feels absolutely amazing.

Happy and healthy. That’s all I really want. That’s all I want for other people. Thatis my purpose in life. I want to advocate for those who feel they can’t advocate for themselves. They mentally ill are a group of people that even though there are great organizations out there, are still very under-represented and extremely misunderstood.

Here’s my current goal. In my current transformation, I am going to share with you what I’m doing and how it’s working for me. I will also link you to some incredible resources and do some informational pieces as well. Things to help understand mental illness more and things that help to cope with life and stress and some of the resources I’ve used myself in this transformation. The first of which I want to talk about is an inspiring person and author, Jennifer Sparks. I’ve been reading her book WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating the Life you Love and I have to say this book has been an incredible experience.

Most of the things she talks about in her book are common sense like in most self-development books. The difference is she puts it in a way that makes you say OMG! DUH! Things I’ve adapted from her book so far have been a tremendous help. They are things that have just made my life simpler. Something as easy as jotting down a schedule that makes me accountable for my time. Before that schedule I spent my time mindlessly moving from one task to another, never really knowing what to do with myself when I first started to make my schedule, I quickly realized just how many hours were in a day and just how much I could accomplish! Excuses started to disappear and in its place was MOTIVATION!

Being at home all the time with health issues it is easy to get caught up in your own self-pity and think there is nothing to do. The truth is, there is plenty to do and my health and mental disability only limit me so much. Yes, it’s true that I can not hold down a traditional job. A traditional job would not allow me to schedule in “Reading Time”. Something that has become essential to my mental health. This schedule has allowed me to appreciate just how much time I have and what I can do with it.

Without giving the whole book away because I highly recommend you read it and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for FREE as well as her other book Happy on Purpose which will be my next read. The other bit of advice I followed was the idea of vision boards. I created one and it has helped me envision the life I want for myself. Day by day, I am working towards that life and that vision board helps to inspire me. I look at it before I go to sleep and when I wake up. It reminds me where I am headed even if it is one tiny step at a time. I am MOTIVATED and for once in a long time, I am EXCITED!

Life throws you so many curve balls. It’s hard to tell which direction you are headed sometimes. Putting all these things in perspective helps. It doesn’t mean curve balls won’t still come your way but with these visions and structure, I think it may be easier to pick up the pieces. My physical and mental health are always major curve balls for me. I worry about ending up like my mom and grandma. I worry about not being there for my kids and their kids. I worry about leaving behind the greatest boyfriend/best friend in the world. That’s what makes this transformation so important. I hope I’m not facing any major illnesses other than the ones I face every day. I hope over time and sharing this transformation with you, you will get something out of it. I hope we all can live better lives and work to end the stigma against mental illness.

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