No Stigmas

I just finished the Ally program on It is a great tool for anyone who suffers from mental illness as well as someone who would just like to learn more about how to prevent stigma of mental illness as well as how to help someone in crisis and self-care. Most of the course is pretty self-explanatory, but it is also extremely helpful. There is also awesome perks for completing the courses! It is a great tool. I have found them to be very insightful and helpful and hope to take my Ally journey even further with them and I encourage everyone to do so.

The stigma of mental illness only serves to prevent those who need help from getting it. We have to make people understand mental illness. I truly believe that most people that do not even understand what mental illness is. On top of my own personal journey that I am taking I will be exploring different mental illnesses and attempting to explain them. Why would I do this? I do this because I believe the more you know the more empathy you can have. The more empathy you have the less likely the words “crazy” or “psycho” are to roll off your lips. We are all guilty of being judgmental in some way, but education is the key to being less judgmental and a little more empathetic. We all have to take a walk in someone else’s shoes every once in a while.

I currently have a donation link on my homepage and that will be coming down. I will be replacing it with a donation page for NoStigmas. I believe very deeply in their organization and what they are trying to do. You might start to see a lot of them on my website because I believe in the cause and I believe their organization can help me and others. I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon them, but I am very glad I did. They are an organization is leading the fight to #EndtheStigma. #NoStigmas.

My next post will cover a very sensitive subject for many. It will cover the subject of addiction. Yes, believe it or not, it is a mental illness. Whether it be alcohol or drug abuse and addiction it is something that needs to be further understood and empathized. It is far too easy to stigmatize these people and even demonize them. We like to think it’s all their fault. Let me gather my research and you open your mind and I’ll see you on the flip side.

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