Back in the Saddle (For Now)

Faced with an ER trip again over the weekend, it seems I am back in the saddle again and back on schedule (for the most part). It seems my episodic thunderclap headaches are over for the time being and the weakness I was experiencing is gone for now. I’m ready once again to conquer my dreams and I am dreaming BIG (well tiny). The boyfriend and I have decided to invest the time, money and energy into a small home on the same property as my father-in-law. This will keep us close, give us or space, and get our whiny, barking dogs out of his house. It will give my daughter her much needed space to get the quality sleep that she needs. This will not be an overnight thing, but I’m excited. Just another goal to add to the list and another one to check off the list.

My blogging has slacked the last week or so as I was faced again with whatever this mystery illness is. My deepest apologies for that. It seems the only thing I can do when my headaches are at the worst and my world is spinning is to lay in bed and wish them away. I try to be more proactive than that, but it doesn’t seem to work out. It is just par for the course I’m afraid and I realize that one of those days (or weeks) could come at any moment. This is nothing new to me. Bipolar disorder has it’s the same way of knocking me down and kicking me when I’m there. I stay medicated and try to cope the best I can, but nothing is 100% and sometimes when my physical health is drowning as well, it’s hard to see the light. I’ve been through this on a previous blog. I try to look on the positive side of everything. The new book I’m reading by Jennifer Sparks is Happy on Purpose and I hope it is just as insightful as her last. I mean, that’s kind of what you have to do. You have to choose to be happy. It may not be easy, but in a world that is full of darkness, fear, and negativity, it seems to be the only way.

So here I am, back in the saddle again. I’m not sure how the rest of my day will play out. I still have another blog I was working on that is more of an informational blog than me blabbing on about ME. Jo has also provided me with a detailed autobiography that I will be posting soon. I look forward to this. She is a very intriguing writer and I look forward to much more of her work. Remember to check out the guest bloggers page to check her out and you can always follow her on Twitter @clutton_jo. Here’s to another day that will hopefully be productive and inspiring. I’m hoping the same for you!

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